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How to Choose Football Gloves

Academy Staff
3 min read

It can get a little bewildering when trying to decide which is the best football gear for you or for the athlete in your home. After all, the right gridiron gear is crucial not just for comfort on the field, but also for safety and performance. This includes football gloves, which are essential to all football players and their respective skill sets.

What’s the Catch with Football Gloves?

Football gloves aren’t just a stylish or flashy accessory. They serve several major functions that boost a player’s hands efficiency during games:

  • Protect your hands from impact
  • Add tack to a player’s grip for more secure catches
  • Often provide ventilation to deliver cool, breathable comfort
Our expert – Coach Townsend from Grindhouse Fitness – gives the rundown on the 2 types of football gloves to help you choose the best one for the athlete in your home as well as their respective glove features:

The Two Types of Football Gloves

  • Receiver Gloves

Wide receivers, quarterbacks, tight ends, and running backs are defined by their need to have excellent ball control and their ability to remain light and agile as they chew through the defense. Therefore, receiver gloves are typically made with thin, breathable material to enhance movement and flexibility, sticky adhesive palms that extend around the fingers and thumbs for extra grip, no matter the weather conditions, and slightly padded backhands to offer shock-absorbing protection.

  • Lineman Gloves

Linemen often get a little rougher to get their jobs accomplished on the field. Lineman gloves usually have thick, firm material to cushion hands from damage, interior reinforcements to defend players' hands from abrasion, heavy palm, and backhand padding for added support against hyperextension, and additional wrist support to help increase stability and limit range of motion.

The Importance of Proper Football Glove Fit

A quick huddle: Football gloves are important because they protect players' hands, keep them comfortable and provide a bit of sticky tack to improve catches. Just like shoulder pads, they also differ depending on the needs of a player’s position.

Back to the game: The most important thing to consider when choosing football gloves for adults or youth football gloves is to select the right fit. Poorly fitting gloves – just like cleats, helmets, and other football protective gear – can often lead to poor performance and possible injury.

Pay attention to sizing charts for both, youth and adult sizes, and glove materials to give your athlete the needed fit for success on the field.

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