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Every workout has its own series of challenges. From sore muscles to sweat, your outfit should be the least of your worries. That’s why picking the right gear for the right workout is crucial to both your comfort and consistency.

Think back to the last workout clothes you wore. Did you have layers? Did you wear breathable fabric? Did your outfit move with you? All of these things are important when you’re trying to optimize your workout. Fabrics, breathability, and layers can control how much you sweat while stretchy material can make active workouts a breeze. 

Whether you’re a marathon runner, a yogi, or both, optimizing your closet for each workout is a great idea. At Academy Sports + Outdoors, we carry a range of shoes, apparel, and gear for every situation. Below, we’ll share with you our top tips and tricks for common workouts.


When you’re running mile after mile, a lot of focus is given to the type and tread of the running shoes you’re using. But next time you’re about to hit the trail or the road, think about these factors when choosing your apparel:


Before you roll out your mat or head into meditation, consider how the gear you’re wearing can affect both your mind and body. If you’re sitting or standing, moving from pose to pose will make you consider the factors below:


From intense indoor classes to exploring the great outdoors, cycling can be one of your most beneficial workouts. There are, however, a few factors you need to consider before jumping on your bike:


For more ideas, check out Academy Sports + Outdoors for a full range of men’s and women’s workout clothes. Whether you’re looking for men’s joggers, women’s sneakers, or plus size clothing, there’s plenty of essentials to find in-store and online.