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Different Shoes for Running and Training

WriterAcademy Staff
4 min read

Running and Training Shoes

From professional athletes to exercise enthusiasts, everyone needs shoes geared toward each type of workout. If jogging is your preferred form of fitness, then a solid pair of running shoes will be your best friend. However, if strength training and weightlifting are more your style, then you’ll want to invest in a high-quality pair of training shoes for maximum performance.


High-quality shoes are essential because they always have your back:

  • Injury protection: When you work out, you’re in the zone. You may not realize it at the time, but training shoes for men and women, like the Nike Men’s Metcon 7 , protect your heels, ankles, and knees from getting hurt thanks to added stability.
  • Comfort: Proper cushioning helps you enjoy exercise sessions more, keeping your feet happy and pain-free even after long workouts.
  • Performance: Running shoes and targeted training shoes help you run faster, leap farther, and move more quickly.

So, why do you need specific shoes for running?


Expert running shoes, such as the Brooks Ghost 14, take running to the next level. You can expect to get more distance on your runs with the right pair. Here’s why:

  • Built for cushioning: When running, your heel has to absorb the weight of your entire body over and over. Running shoes provide cushioning around your heel.
  • Made for speed: Another key characteristic of running shoes is the way they absorb kinetic energy from impacts and use it to propel the tips of your feet forward.
  • Made for distance: Dedicated men’s and women’s running shoes, such as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 , are lightweight but strong and emphasize support. Staying comfortable and reducing fatigue is essential for longer runs.

So, why do you need specific shoes for training?


If you’re looking for great all-around exercise shoes, women’s and men’s cross-training shoes are the way to go. The Nike Free Metcon 4 adapts seamlessly to virtually any exercise routine, from high-impact aerobics to different kinds of weight-training activities.

  • Built for traction: Special treads improve side-to-side and front-to-back traction, letting you jump effectively, change direction mid-step, or get a solid footing for lifting weights.
  • Made for stability: Wider soles also spread the stress of impacts over a larger foot area and provide cushioning for your heel, foot arch, and toes.


Not sure which type of shoes fit your workout the best? Think about these key factors:

  • Lifestyle: The more you exercise every week, the more you’ll thank yourself for investing in the best shoes possible.
  • Time distribution: If you split your time between jogging and gym workouts, getting a solid pair of both running and cross-training shoes is important. If you focus heavily on running, you definitely want to get the best pair of running shoes you can afford, such as the Brooks Launch 9.
  • Favorite sports: Some training shoes are designed to give you an edge in basketball with better jumping and impact absorption, while others target lateral tennis movements.
  • Foot type: Everyone’s soles wear differently, and many shoes are geared towards neutral, pronate (inner edge), or supinate (outer edge) runners. You can find out how your feet land when you run by looking at the soles of your last pair of shoes to see whether the inside or outside of the sole is more worn down.
  • Fashion: Don’t leave style out of the equation. When you look good, you feel good…and when you feel good, you get good results. Be as bold and colorful as you want to be!

At Academy Sports + Outdoors, we’re passionate about great shoes. Check out our huge selection of distinctive running shoes and training shoes to find your perfect pair. Chat in-store with our shoe experts for expert assistance and pointers, or shop for shoes online now!