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Tips for Keeping Your Kayak Clean

Whether you just picked up one of the best kayaks for beginners, or a sit-on-top, or sit-in model for more experienced paddlers, keeping your kayak clean is essential for all types. A clean kayak maintains its performance at the highest level and keeps it looking great every time you venture out on the water.

How often should you clean your kayak? Excessive dirt and debris buildup can impair your hull so you will want to wash after every use.

For quick and easy cleaning, here is a list of items that you will need:

Sunlight can be extra harsh for kayaks, especially during the summer heat. For an added layer of UV protection, apply Star brite Ultimate Paddlesports Cleaner and Protectant to protect against UV damage while also removing dirt, grime and more.

Expert tip:
Always use kayak carriers for transporting your kayak from your home to your paddling destination. When unloading, avoid dragging your kayak, especially in areas with jagged rocks or surfaces. Often, what looks like a small scratch can have negative performance effects on your kayak’s overall durability.

Utilize a kayak cart to safely move it from your vehicle to your launch site.

In this video, lifelong paddler, Joel McBride, shares his best tips to keep your kayak clean and protected from scratches and staining, and harsh sunlight so that your kayak stays ready for your next weekend getaway on the lake.

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