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COVID-19 Safety

To support actions that combat the spread of the virus, the ways we operate and serve our customers allow us to meet three goals:

  • To protect the safety and health of our customers and team members;
  • To continue to serve our customers, who tell us they rely on the products we provide during this time of prolonged physical distancing and limited social gathering; and
  • To be part of the solution to slowing the spread of COVID-19

As of today, all of our stores and DCs are open for business operations. Everywhere we do business, we have implemented CDC-recommended measures to prevent infection, including:

  • Maintaining a mask requirement for Team Members and vendors in our stores, distribution centers and corporate office
  • Informing customers of any mask requirements under local mandates and encouraging and empowering them to wear a mask
  • Offering free masks to customers who do not have one, but not making them wear one unless they are required by local mandate to do so
  • Monitoring store occupancy and customer gatherings to ensure proper social distancing
  • Providing disinfectant wipes for customer use on carts or baskets at store entrances
  • Offering curbside pickup services for online orders
  • Encouraging proper social distancing by limiting lines and posting social distancing signs and floor markings in key areas throughout the store
  • Making periodic announcements on our store PA system to encourage wearing masks and proper social distancing
  • Installed plexiglass partitions at each sales register and counter
  • Routinely cleaning our stores, with particular attention to high-touch surfaces and increased spot-cleaning of high traffic areas and restrooms
  • Providing hand sanitizer throughout the store
  • Limiting numbers of persons in restrooms and keeping water fountains unavailable for use