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Under Armour Batting Gloves

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Under Armour Gloves for Batting

At Academy Sports, you can get your hands on the latest and most popular models of Under Armour batting gloves just in time for the new season. These high performance batting gloves are designed to deliver outstanding stability at the plate as well as provide a level of protection from negative feedback on your hardest line drives. Every pair of gloves for batting in this special collection is built with advanced natural and synthetic materials to deliver the comfort and durability you can rely on over a long season of competitive play. Get a grip on your game this season with the newest selection of Under Armour baseball batting gloves at Academy Sports.

Why Wear Batting Gloves?

The right pair of batting gloves can help unlock your best performances at the plate and beyond, and you can complete your arsenal of game day essentials just in time for the new season with the newest models from Under Armour. These Under Armour hitting gloves are designed to give you a competitive edge by increasing the quality of your grip on both metal and wooden bats, making them a great choice for play in any league. Professional grade batting gloves also reduce vibration and negative feedback from your hardest hits, so you can swing for the fences without fear. Leather gloves are more pliable for better responsiveness in action, while hitting gloves made with synthetic materials deliver greater durability, so many of the latest Under Armour gloves have a hybrid design for the best of both worlds. Under Armour gloves also feature a moisture wicking design that can keep your hands from becoming slippery when the competition heats up. Many models of gloves incorporate an articulated thumb for added mobility and a more natural ergonomic feel. Some players wear batting gloves under their fielding mitts to help stop blisters and calluses from developing over a long season. Along with accessories like wrist guards and arm sleeves, batting gloves can provide protection from abrasions when you're charging into an extra base with a headfirst slide. Gloves from Under Armour offer tangible benefits to your game, and you can find the perfect pair at Academy Sports.