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Ripstick Caster Board

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Fun-To-Ride Caster Boards

With alternative sports, like snowboarding and surfboarding, becoming more popular, using a RipStik caster board has become a popular way to mimic the stance and balance needed in those activities while on dry land. Caster boards are designed with two wheels and two narrow decks, so riders can carve back and forth while making heel-and-toe turns. The board can be propelled forward without the feet leaving the board, so the rider can work on perfecting the balance and posture needed for tricks and high speeds. Whether you prefer longboards or roller skates, you can find the right roller sports gear and accessories at

High-Performance RipStik Board

Caster boards are a great way to practice moves and tricks that can translate to snowboarding while still on dry land. Look for sturdy casters that can withstand the pounding of repeated impacts, and slip-resistant decks that help make sure your feet are properly positioned for jumps and tricks. A pivoting design allows you to accelerate and turn with both of your feet still on the deck, so you can build the speed you need for impressive tricks. Be sure to equip yourself with the proper protective skate helmets and padding, so you stay safe while practicing your jumps.