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Plyometric Boxes

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Add Plyometric Boxes To Your Home Gym

Time to crank up the heat with some intense cardio? Try out some plyo! Plyometric workouts are a lot easier when you have the right equipment handy. While many people start out using a bench, step stool or chair at home, it's much safer to grab plyometric boxes specifically built for jump training. While you're performing step ups, split squats and box jumps, a plyo box will keep you stable through each rep and landing, so you can focus on your form distraction-free. Grab a plyo box that works for you, along with other essential fitness accessories you can use in your home gym.

Choose Your Plyometric Boxes

Plyometric workouts help boast your strength, speed, endurance and agility. Because they engage your whole body, it's important that the plyo box you choose can handle the pressure of each heart-pumping training session. Look for boxes made with durable metals and wood that boast nonslip tops and legs for sure landings during repeated box jumps, and stable bases that'll provide stable support during those elevated push-ups and burpees. Some plyo boxes are even adjustable, so you can work up to a certain height as you get stronger.