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Ping Pong Balls

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Serve It Up!

Since its roots as a friendly parlor game in Victorian era England, table tennis has been transformed into a competitive sport contested around the world as well as a fun hobby. Gear up for your next game with the extensive selection of ping pong balls now available at Academy Sports. This stock includes a full range of ball types, from practice balls in an array of high visibility colors as well as balls made to ITTF specifications for competitive play. Choose from balls in regulation 38 and 40mm sizes, as well as options for table tennis in bulk packs for lively casual games or bar room play. This premium table tennis equipment is built to deliver hours of reliable play, enabling controlled spin and use of advanced offensive and defensive techniques. Step up to the next challenge with the great selection of table tennis balls in stock at Academy Sports.

Choosing Your Equipment

If you're looking for competitive grade balls for ping pong made for the most spirited exchanges, look no further than the selection at Academy. Shop this selection for bulk ping pong balls in soft white for official play as well as high visibility orange and yellow colors in plastic polystyrene for added durability. You can also find all new environmentally friendly ABS balls that are rounder than ever for improved predictability on bounces and more accurate returns. Choose from 38mm balls made to ITTF pre-2017 standards, or larger 40mm balls that promote more dynamic serves and longer volleys. Explore this latest collection to find 1 and 2 star balls for practice and casual play, as well as 3 star options for match after match of high intensity competition or multi ball drills for the most skilled players. You can even get colorful ping pong balls and other novelty options such as emoji and sports-inspired designs to put a fun new twist on this challenging test of skill. Prepare for friendly or fierce competition with the selection of practice and game quality balls for table tennis now in stock at Academy Sports.