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Outfield Baseball Glove

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Softball Outfield Gloves

Typically designed larger than infield gloves to help you get a hand on fly balls, high-quality outfield gloves can help you kick your on-field performance to the next level. Choose gloves featuring rugged materials, such as full-grain leather, to help ensure long-term durability without sacrificing easy break-in. Added durability features, like dual welting, can also go a long way in helping your outfield gloves stand the test of time. Gloves with deep pockets may be worth considering, too, if you're seeking to maximize your catching and control capabilities.

High-Performance Outfield Baseball Gloves

Ready to help your team secure a championship title? Don't let the season begin without first gearing up with a brand-new outfield baseball glove. If you're expecting a tough season, consider a glove made of full-grain leather, which effortlessly resists the rigors of a fast-paced game. Outfield baseball gloves designed with shock-absorbing padding at the palm are also an excellent choice if you're aiming for a comfortable fit. Additionally, keep an eye out for proprietary webbing technologies, which can boost durability, help increase ball control and much more. Discover more baseball and softball gloves and mitts, including adult gloves and mitts and youth gloves and mitts, on, where you'll find all of the sporting goods items you're looking for.