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Make Academy your go-to store for marine technology for your boat and water device needs. It's time to upgrade your systems and see everything new that's on the market for the best marine electronics. GPS systems are one of the electronic tools that have come a long way for boaters. It's never been easier to find out where you are and where you're headed than with these wifi-capable GPS devices for your boat. Shop marine electronics online for a clear idea of everything offered and how it fits into your boating lifestyle. Marine communication devices like transistors and speaker systems are also a favorite for those who want an accessible way to communicate even when they are in remote areas on the water. Another smart electronics marine device to invest in is a battery charger, which allows you to charge multiple devices if they lose power while you're out exploring the water.

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There are so many pieces that just make life on the water easier. Many people use apps on their boats, which makes mounts for an iPad, iPhone or other smart device an essential for your boat. Mapping software takes things up a notch and gives you many options for accessing a destination with ease. A knotmeter and depth instruments are also essentials for boaters who want to keep track of where they are. There are two different types of fishfinders, including one that is supported with GPS. A dedicated fishfinder does only this, tracking the activity in the water and heat to find marine life under water. There's also an array of marine antennas. When picking this up, be sure to look at the way the antenna is covered. Ideally, you want a weather protected exterior that can endure the elements of the outdoors. This prevents corrosion and ensures the antenna has durability over the course of years. The antenna height depends on the size of your boat. When mounting the antenna, remember that the higher it is mounted, the further its reach, so horizon height is best for most boats.