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Make the most of your time on the high seas with the best marine batteries for your boat and water devices. Academy Sports & Outdoors has all of the essential batteries marine activities need for safety. Choosing the right one depends on your budget, the power capacity you seek and the battery lifespan you need. Take your time perusing marine batteries online to see everything the market offers to make the best decision for your needs. A marine battery is also known as a deep cycle battery because it offers continuous power versus a spark of power to get started as conventional automotive batteries do. Never over or under charge batteries, which can make them less effective when used. Store all batteries in a cool, dry place for best performance and to prevent corrosion. Periodically check the terminal connectors to ensure there's no loss of conductivity. This is especially necessary when you have not used the battery for a long period of time.

Tips for Using Batteries For Boats

If corrosion occurs, do not worry. It is common to remove corrosion with a light paste comprised of baking soda and water. Always ensure batteries are not connected when cleaning and completely dry the battery with a dry towel afterwards. Batteries should always be stored completely dry to prevent damage. Deep cycle batteries will always have less initial charge, but will offer more power over the next few hours or however long the battery is intended to power. Choose a battery that is not too large for your boat and take into account the ventilation provided by your boat. You do not want a battery that is too large which can overheat and cause issues. The AGM battery is one of the most versatile for boats and water engines. They are lightweight, durable and do not require extensive maintenance. Always look at the manufacturing date when selecting a battery and never buy a battery with a manufacturing date more than six months old. Be careful and selective where you source marine batteries. Find all your boat accessory needs and more at Academy.