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Lanyards & Whistles

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Easy-To-Hear Coach Whistles

Sometimes, as a coach, you need to make a point to the team or provide an important directive, and yelling just won't do it. A highly audible coach whistle can let everyone know that you need their attention right away, so you can huddle up the squad and instruct them on how the competition is going to defend your favorite plays. Look for a coach whistle with a cushioned mouth grip that helps protect your teeth. Sturdy plastic whistles offer lightweight strength, and metal whistles can create a distinctive sound that's sure to get everyone to notice. A built-in ring can make it easy to hang your coach whistle from a lanyard or strap, so you don't lose it.

Convenient Coach Lanyards

Keeping your credentials close at hand can help make sure you have unfettered access to baseball diamonds, locker rooms and other areas where normal fans aren't allowed. Coach ID lanyards are a simple, hands-free way to make sure that your identification pass is always with you. Look for a clip that allows the lanyard to serve double duty as a whistle holder as well, and coach lanyards with a detachable clip make it easy to swipe your RFID cards.