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Inversion Tables

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Stretch Out Using The Power Of Gravity

Exercise, everyday activities, spending 8+ hours a day at your desk job and even gravity can take a toll on your back, so it's important to take care of it. Here is where inversion therapy comes in. Designed to stretch out your muscles and decompress your spine, inversion equipment enhances your flexibility, posture and blood circulation and can relieve minor pain and joint discomfort. Explore inversion tables and inversion chairs that are an ideal fit for your fitness area and your height. If you're a beginner, make sure the model you choose comes with a guide book or an instructional DVD to ensure you're using it properly.

Inversion Equipment For Your Home Gym

Get the workout accessories you need to begin your journey into inversion therapy. Simply secure yourself to your inversion table or chair and tip yourself upside down using the handrails. As you hang with your feet secured at one end, gravity takes over, using your own weight to stretch out and elongate your body. Made to swing smoothly and lock securely into place, many inversion tables and chairs are adjustable for an optimal fit to your height and offer padded surfaces to keep you comfortable while you enjoy spine-decompressing relief. Look for sturdy frames with powder-coat finishes that are built to last, as well as nonskid feet that'll keep you stable while you get into position. Some inversion tables and chairs even fold down for easy storage when you're finished, so you can maintain a tidy workout area.