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H2O Xpress Fishing Rods

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Premium Fishing Rods

Academy Sports is home to an outstanding selection of professional grade H2O Xpress fishing rods so you can take on your next fishing expedition with the confidence you need to reel in a big one. This stock includes rods for every fishing style and bait type, including baitcast rods, spinning rods, surf rods, snagging rods, and more. Choose from rods for fresh water or salt water fish, including models compatible with heavy gauge line for fishing in deeper waters. These premium designs are made with high performance materials such as fiberglass and graphite with hardware in heavy duty metal alloys so they're always ready to rise to the challenge. Find unbeatable prices on quality fishing gear and build a complete arsenal of tools to hone your skills in any aquatic environment. When you're in need of the right rod, start with the extensive selection of H2O Xpress rods in stock at Academy Sports.

Various Types of H2O Rods

For the best results on your next fishing trip, find the ideal fishing rod for the job in this special collection from Academy Sports. Spinning rods are the classic angler's choice, giving new fishermen an approachable tool that works well in a variety of situations. Casting rods allow accurate placement of bait to attract specific kinds of fish or to achieve optimal results in changing conditions. For open water fishing, sea rods offer added toughness and flexibility, outfitted with high impact hardware and larger fittings to accommodate configurations for heavier fish. For beach fishing, a surf rod offers added length to allow two handed casting to reach catches just offshore. Saltwater rods deliver added protection from corrosion for fishermen who frequently patrol the open water, and can also be fitted with heavier line to help you land particular feisty fish during an afternoon on the high seas. With the outstanding prices on high quality H2O fishing rods, you can stock your angling arsenal with all the tools you need to set a new personal record every time you drop anchor. Build a complete collection of fishing gear with H2O Express fishing rods from Academy Sports.