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Fishing Tackle Storage

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Keep Your Lures in One Place

Browse fishing tackle storage from Academy, and take home the product you need to keep your collection of lures, rigs, leaders and tools well-organized and clean. There's nothing more frustrating than digging through a tangled mess of line and rusty hooks in search of your one go to spoon that has somehow disappeared in the mess. Upgrade to premium tackle storage from this selection and make your gear easily accessible, whether you're casting from shore, fly fishing on a river or stream, or miles out to sea on a boat.

Proper fishing lure storage is important for keeping your favorite lures performing like new. Discoloration, loss of tail feathers, and seized up spinning joints are all issues that can be caused by an overcrowded tackle box, or exposure to the elements. With the everyday low prices at Academy, there's no excuse not to store your gear in a properly sized container.

Choose from a Range of Options

In this massive selection of tackle boxes and lure storage trays at Academy, you'll find products from some of the industry's most well-respected brands. Choose from a host of brilliantly engineered designs, including lightweight stowaway boxes that slide under the seat in your truck, classic designs that get the job done at an incredible value, multi-rack designs for holding a massive amount of gear, and backpack and satchel style tackle containers that make transporting your equipment down that long trail easier than ever.

Avoid a stressful start to your day. Whether you're preparing for a weeklong fishing trip on a faraway island or just relaxing by the lake on your day off, you'll find fishing much more enjoyable with all your lures in order. Take in a deep breath of crystal clear air, cast your line into the deep abyss, and be patient. Soon dinner will come swimming by, and hopefully take the bait.