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Fishing Line

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334 items
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Cast Your Lure with Confidence

Browse this impressive collection of high-quality fishing line from Academy and have the right gear to pull in a monster catch. Don't let that trophy-worthy beast become the one that got away. No fish tale is as satisfying as a delicious dinner. Featuring some of the best fishing line on the market today, this selection includes an array of different options. Choose from lightweight line that's practically invisible to small to medium-sized fish, to heavy line that's made for reeling in an aquatic behemoth.

Line for fishing is available in a range of lengths to accommodate your reel and needs. Cast out your bait or lure with peace of mind. Sometimes you wait all day for a single bit. If the line snaps, it might all be for naught. Replace your line at the start of every season and minimize your chances of a bad break. Save your lure and land the fish with premium line.

Trust in Top Brands

In this large selection at Academy, you'll find fishing rod line from some of the industry's most trusted brands. You put a lot of planning into that weekend fishing expedition, make sure you bring dependable gear, including line. Do some research and learn about the type of fish in your area. Braided line may seem stronger than monofilament, but its lack of stretchiness might cause it to snap if a hard-striking fish chooses your bait.

Fluorocarbon features many of the same benefits as monofilament, while greatly reducing visibility in the water, helping to fool some fish into taking a bite. Whatever type of fishing wire you choose, there's no substitute for patience and experience when you're out on the water. From novice anglers who are just learning this ancient sport, to hobbyists who enjoy relaxing on the lake in the summer, and professionals who know every trick to coaxing a fish onto a lure, the right fishing line can make your day more enjoyable and successful.