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Eaa Corp Firearms

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EAA Corp Pistols, Revolvers And Shotguns

Having a reliable firearm by your side is critical when you're in the field, and EAA Corp firearms are made to deliver. Available in a variety of finishes, EAA Corp handguns and shotguns come in a range of ammunition capacities, including 10, 14 and 17 round, to suit your needs. Look for strong design elements like polymer frames, synthetic stocks and stainless-steel slides to ensure your weapon of choice will last, as well as convenience features like adjustable sights, accessory rails for lasers and lights and detachable magazines that make reloading a breeze. If you already have a holster, make sure to check out the barrel length and overall size of the EAA Corp pistol or revolver you choose to ensure it'll fit properly.

EAA Corp Ammunition Magazines

When you've found your go-to EAA Corp firearms, making sure they each have a couple of extra EAA Corp magazines can make all the difference in your shooting game. Keeping preloaded magazines in your holster or gear bag will provide quick, simple replenishment of your firearm each time you need to reload. EAA Corp ammunition magazines boast strong designs that guard against wear over time and are available in several different calibers and capacities to accommodate your weapons. While you're shopping for EAA Corp firearms and magazines, be sure to check out the shooting gear from other firearm brands you might need along the way.