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Colt Pistols

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Gear Up With Colt Pistols And Colt Rifles

Available in airsoft models that accept BBs and standard models that accept bullets, Colt pistols are compact enough to carry with you in a holster while you're on duty or in a gear bag when you're on your way to the range. Many models are topped with sights that help you shoot accurately, as well as accessory rails along the frame that allow you to secure lights, lasers and other gadgets. If you're looking for a more robust firearm that can shoot 20 or 30 rounds of ammunition, check out the line of Colt rifles. Many of these rifles boast semiautomatic action and come equipped with multiposition, adjustable stocks and flash hiders to suit your needs in the field.

Grab A Colt Replacement Magazine

In the market for an extra Colt ammunition magazine? Be sure to find the one that fits your firearm, and keep a few extra tucked in your shooting gear bag, so you're always prepared. Detachable magazines make reloading fast and easy when you're in the middle of target practice and are often made for specific models of Colt pistols to ensure a proper fit and reliable firing capabilities. Explore Colt replacement magazines that hold up to 7, 9 and even 20 rounds made from tough materials like aluminum and polymer that guard against deformation over time. Like most popular brands, Colt offers an array of dependable shooting gear for you to discover and choose from.