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Move Like a Butterfly

Browse this large selection of boxing and MMA gear from Academy Sports + Outdoors, and bring home top-quality equipment that will help you train and compete like a pro. In both sports, agility is of paramount importance. Choose from specially designed footwear that will give you excellent grip in the ring, and allow you to turn on a dime, and amazing apparel that is lightweight and breathable. You'll have unrestricted motion while you dodge your opponents blows and position yourself for a knockout punch.

Traditional heavy bags are great for an all around workout, while speed bags help you improve both rhythm and stamina. MMA heavy bags extend all the way from the floor, and are ideal for practicing full body attacks. Like any other athletic pursuit, these popular sports require hours of practice, just to perfect the fundamentals. Browse boxing and MMA equipment for training, and get to work in the gym.

Sting Like a Bee

You've perfected your footwork, gained a marathon-runners amount of stamina, and learned the right strategy to best your opponent. Now focus on putting the maximum amount of power behind any kick or punch. Brilliantly engineered padded gloves are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. They'll help you land quick punches accurately, while protecting your hands from serious injury.

Staying safe is a big part of the challenge with training and sparring. Don't be sidelined with a nagging injury when you should be in the ring. Mats for MMA are a must have for any gym or training area, and protective headgear is important for boxers and fighters of all skill levels.

At Academy, you'll discover everyday low prices on some of the best gear on the market. Stay healthy and reach your potential in the ring without spending an arm and a leg on equipment. Shop MMA and boxing gear online and find the right equipment for you.