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Shop Boat Fluids And Marine Lubricants

Academy has an array of marine engine fluids for your boat. Boat maintenance is a huge part of being a boat owner. Never neglect oil changes or you risk the chance of damaging the boat's engine. Boat engine fluids vary greatly and it all depends on the type of boat you have when selecting the right oil. There are no quick-change oil services for boats, which means most boaters go the DIY route versus taking it to a local dealer which is an expensive ordeal. Doing it yourself is not difficult and with regular practice will become easy. Plus, this puts you in total control of this basic maintenance task for your boat. When performing an oil change, this is a prime time to also check the propellers. Making these two things part of regular maintenance ensures the boat will be ready to go every time you want to enjoy the sun and outdoors all spring and summer.

Spring Boat Checklist

Many people have their boats in storage or not in use during the winter months. When spring hits, it's time to get the boat ready for fun weekends and vacation time that comes with the warm weather. Check all fluid levels for safety. This includes the boat engine oil, power steering and coolant. Before you take your boat in for the winter is also a wise time to change the oil, drive lubricants and oil filters. Check the boat for any corroded cables and wipe them clean. A wire brush does a thorough job of removing hardened corrosion. This is a must since corroded wires can be damaging for the boat and dangerous. Change the battery on the boat and make sure it can hold adequate charge. Like your vehicle, have your boat inspected by a professional so you know of any maintenance that needs to be performed before boat season takes off. A loaded fuel tank is a smart piece to pack every time you hit the waters in case you need it or run into an emergency situation with another boat when you are out.