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Baseball Scorebooks & Organizers

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Create A Fun Souvenir With A Baseball Scorebook

Keeping score at a baseball game is a time-honored way to track the hits and outs each inning while also creating a special keepsake that helps remind you of the time spent with friends and family at the game. Maintaining a scorecard can also help you become more conversant in the lingo of baseball that veteran fans often use that's difficult for newer fans to understand. You'll quickly learn what a 6-4-3 double play is, or why the home crowd will sometimes heckle the opposing shortstop with shouts of "E6" after a bad play in the field. Becoming fluent in this language is a great way to feel more connected to other fans during an intense game.

Lineup Cards For Managers

If you're managing a softball or baseball game, deciding which of your players will start the game is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Writing down your lineup and batting order and delivering it to the umpire is a tradition that lets both teams know who is playing and who's on the bench to start the game. Look for baseball scorebooks and lineup cards that include a case or clipboard for easy writing when you're in the dugout. And be sure to check out other coaching essentials, so you can keep your baseball team in order.