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Ankle Weights

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Tone Up With Fitness Ankle Weights

From squats to weighted lunges, ankle weights make it simple to supplement your workout with a variety of leg exercises. Start by selecting fitness ankle weights made of soft fabrics that will keep you comfortable throughout lengthy workouts, and then choose ankle weights at a weight level that best meets your needs. Weights with hook-and-loop closures help ensure a snug and secure fit, so there's no need to worry about your weights falling off mid-squat. Looking for a custom workout? Consider adjustable ankle weights designed with extra pockets, so you can up the ante by adding more weight. Some ankle weights even double as wrist weights, allowing you to tackle leg and arm workouts with the same gear.

Fitness Ankle Cuffs And Straps

While ankle weights let you exercise at home or on the go, fitness ankle cuffs and straps are designed to help you dominate the gym. These straps typically feature classic D-rings, which connect to your preferred gym equipment with ease, making it simple to work through leg extensions, glute kicks and much more. Just be sure to choose straps made of materials like neoprene that will absorb shock and won't irritate your skin. For more high-quality fitness gear, explore weights and barbells on, where you'll discover dumbbells, medicine balls and more.