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1911: An American Classic at Academy Sports

1911 pistols have been some of the most reliable and recognizable profiles in handguns for generations, and Academy Sports is home to a full selection of pistols and accessories for this iconic sidearm. Explore an extensive stock of pistols from leading names such as Colt, Remington, and Springfield Armory. Choose from pistols designed for the classic .45 ACP round as well as models compatible with .38 and 9mm rounds. This stock also includes a variety of essential accessories such as holsters, magazines, shooting goggles, and all the ammunition you need for your next day at the range. The pistols in this special collection are built with practical features such as integrated sights, forged steel components, and easy to use safety toggles to provide years of faithful service. Take advantage of unbeatable pricing on premium pistols and accessories in the newest collection of 1911 9mm, .38, and .45 pistols now in stock at Academy Sports.

The Finest 1911 45, 38, and 9mm Models

This time tested pistol has endured through military, law enforcement, and civilian use for over a century, and you can add this American original to your home arsenal with the newest selection of handgun models at Academy Sports. The straightforward design and dependable operation of this pistol makes it an ideal choice for a range of applications including self defense, hunting, range firing, or competitive shooting. Its durability is legendary among firearm enthusiasts, maintaining operation in less than ideal conditions including muddy and sandy environments. The forged steel construction and single action design make it an heirloom quality pistol, and decorative features such as burnished grips and engraving at the barrel can make it one of the centerpieces of your home display. You can also take your pistol anywhere you need it with a 1911 holster, including hip mounted, inner waistband, and shoulder yoke form factors. Shop 1911 models from the industry's major manufacturers, each offering signature touches while maintaining the pistol's most enduring qualities. Academy Sports is your premier destination for 1911 pistols to add to your collection of home defense options.