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Fire Starters + Lighters

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Lighters, Matches And Other Fire Starters

Tried and true, go-to fire starters, like lighters and matches, are quick and easy to use. If the power flickers out, matches and lighters help you quickly light up some candles. Take your pick from all sorts of different handheld styles, whether a trigger or click mechanism is your preference. There are even novelty lighters fashioned in fun styles like fishing rods to strike up some fun. If you're hitting the trails, keep some heavy-duty stormproof or waterproof matches in your safety and survival kit if you need to build a fire for warmth or a signal for help.

Find The Best Fire Starter

If you're looking to deviate from traditional matches and lighters, choose from a variety of all the best fire starters to get the campfire or grill roaring in no time. Making mealtime outdoors? Try out fire cubes that burn hot enough to keep water boiling, or sprinkle some ultraflammable tinder splinters over your firepit to encourage a large, open flame that's ready for s'mores. Alternatively, you could set up some fire sticks to get your barbecuer ready for your next feast. When it's time to share some ghost stories around the campfire, a handy ferrocerium fire starter or some lighter fluid gets the flames blazing quickly.