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Hand Strengtheners

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Why Should I Use A Grip Strengthener?

We use our hands every single day. Depending on your livelihood, sport or fitness routine, increased hand strength can help you perform better and maintain your grip in precarious situations. Whether you're rock climbing, weight lifting, swinging a racket or just typing at your work computer, boosting your hand, wrist and forearm strength allows you to enjoy greater finger dexterity and help keep hand fatigue and wrist injuries at a minimum. Improving your grip is a simple activity that can be done at home or at the office, so grab a grip strengthener, and consider adding other weight and strength training equipment to your routine.

Exercise With Adjustable Hand Strengtheners

Pack the portable hand strengthener of your choice in your gym bag or briefcase, and work those muscles in your spare time. Adjustable hand grips with selectable resistance levels help you stay challenged as you get stronger. Some hand grips come with metal coils that you can swap out, while others offer a dial-selectable resistance. Look for grips with comfortably cushioned, ergonomic handles to help keep your palms and fingers comfortable through each set of squeezes. Gel hand grips and stress balls are easily portable, and they offer a tactile element that many mechanical grip strengtheners lack. There are putty and gel hand strengtheners that mold to fit the shape of your hands for a more customized feel.