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Fitness Trampolines

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If you're looking for a little more cardio, jump into action with a fitness trampoline. Exercise trampolines make it easy to incorporate low-impact, calorie-burning cardiovascular workouts into your everyday routine and provide plenty of fun. Fitness trampolines are smaller in size than traditional backyard trampolines, making them the perfect addition to the modern home gym. While exploring workout accessories, browse trampolines from brands like BCG™, Stamina® and Sunny Health & Fitness that can help you get in motion.

Select a trampoline made just for workouts. Fitness trampolines with features like steel frames and sturdy legs deliver durable support, heavy-duty elastic cords and smooth jumping surfaces create plenty of bounce, and foam padding provides safety. Using a trampoline with a handle can help keep you stable during more intense workouts, and trampolines with fitness monitors can automatically track jumps, calories burned and the other metrics you want to record. Thanks to compact, folding designs, it's easy to make room for all your favorite workouts in your space. Discover the exercise trampolines that suit your health and fitness journey and your home gym best.