YUM YUM Yumbrella Rig The YUM Yumbrella Rig features 5 super wire arms and a realistic shad appearance with a rattling head. Wire Baits 021844931
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YUM Yumbrella Rig

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The YUM Yumbrella Rig features 5 stainless-steel arms made of strong, flexible "super wire" that swimbaits, grubs and other lures can be attached to, simulating a small school of baitfish. The rig is designed with a realistic shad appearance and a rattling head to add appeal. (Swimbaits sold separately)

Features and Benefits

  • - Simulates a small school of baitfish to draw the attention of freshwater fish
  • - Stainless-steel super wire rig is heat treated for strength and flexibility
  • - 5 super wire arms are attached with a molded coupler for durability
  • - Head rattles for added attraction
  • - 45 lb. strength snap and 75 lb. strength swivels are great for big fish
  • - Realistic shad pattern and 3-D eyes lure fish
  • - 7" long
  • - (Swimbaits sold separately)

What's in the Box

  • - YUM Yumbrella Rig
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