Primos Primos Up ROAR® 3-in-1 Deer Call The Primos Up ROAR® 3-in-1 Deer Call combines 3 of the most effective calls to help bring deer in close. Game Calls 019034420
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Primos Up ROAR® 3-in-1 Deer Call

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The Primos Up ROAR® 3-in-1 Deer Call features Aggressive Grunt chamber Estrus™ Bleat chambers, which can be used in combination to mimic the sounds of a buck chasing a doe, topped off with a Wheeze tube to challenge bucks to a fight. The deep, resonating grunt reproduced by the Aggressive Grunt chamber sounds like one a buck makes during the rut, while the Estrus™ Bleat chamber reproduces a loud bleat made by receptive does. When used together, these calls will make other bucks jealous and come running.

Features and Benefits

  • - Produces a doe bleat, a buck aggressive grunt and a buck wheeze
  • - When used together, the Estrus™ Bleat and Aggressive Grunt chambers mimic a buck chasing a doe

What's in the Box

  • - Primos Up ROAR® 3-in-1 Deer Call
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