Turkey Frying

Step 1 Get your marinades & spices ready

Before you even begin to fry a turkey, make sure you have all the ingredients your recipe calls for. Marinades and spices should be at the top of the list, as well as peanut oil. This healthy trans-fat free oil does not absorb food flavors, making it the ideal oil for frying up turkeys.

Step 2 Prep your fryer

You’ll definitely need pots, pans and stands to prep your bird. Check out Academy Sports + Outdoors' large assortment of pots, including the Outdoor Gourmet Pan with dual basket, the Outdoor Gourmet Aluminum, and more.

Step 3 Prep your bird

Take your cooking to the next level with barbecue marinades and injections! Easily boost your turkey’s quality and flavor profile with any of these marinades and injections, which will deliver the moist and flavorful results that everyone craves during the holidays. Marinades are commonly used to tenderize meat and infuse flavor (or both), as the acids in marinades and injections help break down tissue, resulting in tender meat.

Step 4 Fry it!

Deep-frying a turkey can be accomplished through many methods. One of the most common techniques entails frying the turkey on a stand with a propane turkey fryers.

If you prefer not to deal with the mess that comes along with deep-frying turkey (or if you simply prefer a healthier option), you can rely on the various oil-less fryers we offer at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Oil-less turkey fryers offer the same tastes and qualities of deep-fried turkey, but without all the messy oil splatters. Select from our two different brands of oil-less turkey fryers, including Charbroil and Butterball.

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