Dove Hunting

Stealth is essential to a hunter’s success. Become a part of the landscape as you wait for doves to pass by blending in with your environment. It’s easy to do when you’re wearing the latest in camouflage technology from field-tested brands like Under Armour, Columbia, Wrangler and Game Winner.

Tracking doves’ location can be difficult, so maximize your efforts by making them come to you. Lure flying doves to land on a neighboring branch with a dove decoy. The flapping wings and lifelike body design attracts doves and can also be effective for quail hunting.

A pair of Nikon binoculars is one of the best visual aids to assist in your hunt. Binoculars are a crucial tool when dove hunting, as they allow you to spot game from miles away and avoid scaring them away. A convenient neck strap frees up both of your hands so you can still make the shot when the opportunity arises.

For dove hunting guns, stop by your local Academy Sports + Outdoors store for hunting rifles and shotguns . Increase the range and accuracy of each shot by equipping your weapon with a shotgun choke.

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