Fishing Line

Fishing lines are a long thread of nylon or silk that are attached to a hook. The hook that it is attached to usually has bait on it to lure the fish to bite. Picking out the correct fishing line can be tricky. You don’t want to get one that is too thin because the fish may be able to overpower it and break the line. But you also have to be cautious of getting a fishing line that is too thick because the thicker they are the more visible they are to the fish. There are many different fishing line types to choose from.

Braided Fishing Lines

Braided fishing lines are were some of the earliest fishing lines. They are known for their high knot strength and lack of stretch.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

The fluorocarbon coated fishing lines are completely invisible to fish under water. They also offer superior casting ability for casting and spinning reels.

Monofilament Fishing Lines

Monofilament fishing lines are made from a single fiber of plastic. Most fishing lines are made out of this material.

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