Football Pads & Protection

Football Pads & Protection

Football Pads

Football is a high contact sport which warrants for the potential of injury. Football pads are your greatest ally when try to stay protected on the field. The pads job is to absorb the contact of an opponent’s blow so that the body doesn’t experience the full blow.

There are different types of football pads that protect various components of the body. The largest type of pads are the shoulder pads. They prevent damage to the chest by sitting around the front and back upper part of your body. They should fit snug so they do not waddle around during movement. The leg pads are also a part of the standard pads all football players wear.

The leg pads consist of knee pads, thigh pads, hip pads, and a tailbone pad. They are placed into the slots of your football pants. Other unique padding that you may see individuals where are pads like neck rolls, back pads, rib pads or arm pads. Those types are pads are usually a modification needed pass on the individual.

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