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Airsoft Guns

It goes without saying that real guns are incredibly dangerous and should be kept away from children. Alternatively, airsoft guns are absolutely safe and totally fun for all ages — without putting anyone at serious risk. Airsoft guns are realistic firearm replicas, perfect for playing cops & robbers and other fun games safely. Find great airsoft guns like the airsoft sniper rifle , airsoft pistol, airsoft shotgun and much more at the Academy Sports + Outdoors Airsoft Shop.

Airsoft Gun Types

Choose from two different types of airsoft guns, including spring-powered airsoft guns and electric airsoft guns, which offer unique experiences specific to models.

Spring-powered airsoft guns are powerful and most effective within close range of targets. Also spring-powered airsoft guns work through mechanical power, which means you need to cock the gun after every shot. One of our most popular spring-loaded airsoft guns is the airsoft shotgun.

Electric air guns are also spring-loaded, but do not require manual cocking after every shot. Instead of cocking or pumping every shot, the gun automatically does it for you. These guns offer additional enhancements, including adjustable rates of fire and accuracy boosts at extended ranges.

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