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Fishing Weights

An experience angler knows that different fish swim at various depths. If you are only shopping for a specific fish it is prudent to know the habits of that type of fish to increase the chances of catching one. Fishing line is very light and can float on water. The combined weight of the fishing hook and the bait or lure on can also be light. In order to get your hook lower enough to catch your desired fish you will have to use fish weights. The weight are a small lead sinker that is attached to your line. The lead weights can vary in weight depending on the depth you are trying to drop your bait to. Fishing weights are useful for more than just acting as a sinker for your bait. Lead fishing weights also increase the casting distance of an angler. The heavier the end of the line the farther it can travel during each cast. Select from multiple types fishing weights including the tungsten weights, downrigger weights and more.

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