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Body Weights

It is important to keep things fun and lively when working out. Going for a run is a great way to visit new sites and bask in the beauty of nature. Running is good cardio but it doesn’t build muscles like weight lifting at the gym. Sometimes people get tired of going to the same gym day after to get a weight workout in. The solution to that problem is body weights.

Weight Vests

Wearable weights allow you to extend the workout beyond the gyms walls. Instead of carrying heavy dumbbells and risking dropping one you can wear the weight attached to your body. Weighted vest one of the many wearable weights. The weight vest is designed to fit snug to your body increasing the intensity of a work by adding to your normal body weight.

Ankle Weights

Other popular body weights that can be used for workouts are the ankle weights. Simply strap the ankle weights on around your ankles and experience an exhilarating workout. Go on your normal casual jogs but get a good weighted workout with every step as you run with your ankle weights. Other weights you can possible use are leg weights, wrist weights and arm weights. Test our all the different variations of body weights to get a weight full body workout outside of the gym.

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