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Medicine Ball

The medicine ball has evolved in the workout realm throughout the years. People are finding creative uses for the fitness ball that are being included into their workouts. Adding medicine ball workouts to your routine can intensify the movement regardless the targeted muscle groups. Medicine balls are the prime workout ball, the trick is finding a weight that is manageable for you.

Slam ball

Slam balls are slightly different then medicine balls. A slam ball is designed for throwing exercise. It has a harder shell made from tough rubber to handle the impact from being slammed on a hard surface. One of the many slam ball exercise involve throwing the ball towards the ground. As you through the ball crunch your abs and slightly bend your knees.

Wall Ball

Another variation of the medicine ball that is also commonly used is the wall ball. Get close to the wall and sets your sights on an attainable target, squat down to explode up launching the ball at the target. Wall balls are effective full body workouts including upper and lower body muscles to get the ball in the air.

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