When Jack Dempsey - a young fighter wearing Everlast boxing gear - went 15 rounds to win the world's heavyweight title in 1917, Everlast ascended as the premier worldwide boxing brand. To this day, Everlast continues to design professional-level gear, from MMA fighting to weight and strength training equipment.


A boxer's most important piece of equipment is his or her pair of boxing gloves. A quality glove must conform to your hand perfectly - allowing for lighting speed punches. Protect yourself with Everlast's trusty sparring headgear and mouth guards, and you'll be ready to go for rounds in the ring. Replicate a true round experience with Academy Sports + Outdoor's wide assortment of boxing and sparring gear. Using the right gear, such as punch mitts, will improve your punches and interval training time.


MMA is the truest test of endurance, power and quickness. Increase all of those attributes with Everlast MMA training gear, available at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Gain an advantage over your opponents with Prostyle MMA Grappling Gloves, featuring an ergonomic fist shape and full range of motion. Fine tune your strikes hitting with the classic Everlast heavy bag, featuring unique C3 foam and Evergel PowerShot target cushioning, which protect hands, knuckles and wrists during training.

Weight & Strength Training

Both MMA and boxing demand you to be in great shape, so that you can last all the rounds. In fact, sometimes it's the fighter who's in better shape that wins the match. Don't let fatigue steal your victory from you! Optimize your cardiovascular and strength conditioning with training items like medicine balls, weighted vests

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