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Fish Finders and Navigation

Technology has become a huge part in catching fish in our current day. The sonar was one of the biggest technical break through that change the entire way people locate fish. The Sonar was invented during World War II to be able to view under water objects. That same technology was then converted into a fish finder.

The way the fish finders works is through the use of sound waves. The sound waves are projected through the water and when the wave hits something it bounces back to the fish finder alerting you of the presence of a fish. Fish finders do not only alert you the presence of a fish it also doubles as a depth finder. Fish finders reveal the depth of the fish as well as the bottom of the body of water you are fishing in. Shop at Academy Sports + Outdoors for the top of the line fish finders from trusted brands like Lowrance, Garmin Marine and the Humminbird fishfinder.

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