Outdoor footwear is built for extreme conditions and can make all the difference when you're traversing rugged and extreme terrains. Shop for boots for the entire family including cowboy boots and cow girl boots. We stock much more than just western boots. Browse through our large assortment including all types of boots suitable for any circumstance, from trudging through rain and snow, to providing durability for working in the factory.

Work Boots

Are you a workingman or workingwoman and looking for boots as tough as you are? Look no further: our steel-toe work boots offer the toughest protection needed in industrial work and are designed for style as well. For years, workers have relied on brands like Wolverine, Dr. Martens and Brazos to keep their feet safe while working. Check them out at Academy Sports + Outdoors today.

Rain Boots

Keep your feet dry with our great selection of rain boots. Our rain boots are made with sealed, rubberized material, which will keep the rainy day on the ground and out of your shoes. For heavy rain conditions, try our black knee-high boots, which will protect you from the biggest puddles.

Tactical/Combat Boots

Military and law enforcement personnel need military boots that are tough and can stand the rigors of their job. Academy Sports + Outdoors has a large selection of black boots that are durable and will work as hard as you do on the job.

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