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Baseball Cleats

Athletes use cleats for almost every sport that is played on grass. Each sport’s cleats are uniquely specified for the purpose of each sport. Baseball cleats come in different types including metal baseball cleats and molded baseball cleats. There are other type of baseball shoes like baseball turf shoes.

Metal Baseball Cleats

Metal cleats offer the most traction because the cleat is thinner allowing it to dig into the ground. Metal cleats can be worn on dirt and grass but not off the field. In some leagues metal cleats aren’t allowed because they pose a danger to players involved in sliding plays.

Molded Baseball Cleats

Molded cleats are usually bought as kid’s baseball cleats. The lower priced molded cleats are designed for younger players that quickly outgrow their cleats and do not need to have them for a long time. The youth baseball cleats are higher priced molded cleats made of a stiffer rubberized plastic that offer the most traction to a player before going to a metal cleat. Molded baseball cleats are more of a comfortable cleated shoe, because the cleats are spread out on the pressure points of the foot.

Turf Baseball Shoes

Baseball turf shoes are the training shoe that players wear when practicing or when they need more comfort and less performance. These are the shoes that you switch to when you are walking off the field. The reasons for this is because turf shoes are much more comfortable and do not ruin turf training facilities. Baseball turf shoes provide more traction than regular shoes.

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