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Resistant Bands

Test your strength fighting through the resistance of our fitness bands. Fitness bands are rising in popularity. The secret is in the balancing and the continuous applied resistance during each motions. Contrary to other exercising equipment, exercise bands use the resistance of the elastic material as the counter acting force and not gravity. This provides continuous tension to the muscles being trained. Resistance bands are prevalent within rehab facilities because they work all the intricate muscles allowing for the injured part of the body to heal faster. But the uses of the bands are not limited to just the rehab realm.

Use the bands for toning and building muscles. The elastic nature of the band allows for an increase of resistance as the range of motion increase with every movement. When this happens the number of muscles fibers that are being used during the exercise increases, causing a greater adaptations in the muscles achieved in the workout.

An additional benefit to resistance bands is that they require no storage. After every use you can simply hang them up. Unlike other weights you can pack these workout bands in your luggage, allowing you to get a great workout in while traveling.

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