Lunkerhunt Lunkerhunt Hollow Bodied Frog The Lunkerhunt Hollow Bodied Frog features a realistic swimming action and supersoft, hollow body construction. Soft Baits 026234492
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Lunkerhunt Hollow Bodied Frog

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Take these realistic soft baits on your next freshwater fishing trip. The Lunkerhunt Hollow Bodied Frog features a realistic frog design with a lifelike swimming action to lure in your catch. Supersoft, hollow body construction.

Features and Benefits

  • - Draws the attention of freshwater bass, pike, musky and more
  • - Supersoft, hollow body construction in a weedless design
  • - High-quality, moveable components simulate a realistic frog swimming action
  • - Lifelike frog design behaves similar to a real frog when resting or swimming for higher hook-up percentages
  • - Weighs 1/2 oz.
  • - 2-1/2" long when retracted and 4-1/2" long on retrieve

What's in the Box

  • - Lunkerhunt Hollow Bodied Frog
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