Diamond Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow The Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow weighs 3.1 lb. and has adjustable draw weight and length. 023699002
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Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow

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With wide ranges of adjustability, the Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow is highly versatile. At a light 3.1 lb., this compound bow is suitable for first-time archers and the adjustable draw length and draw weight allow the archer to train long-term. The bow is also fitting for training programs and bowfishing. The included accessory package features a quiver, an arrow rest and more.

Features and Benefits

  • - Adjustable draw length 13" - 30"
  • - Adjustable draw weight 5 - 70 lb.
  • - Adjustable settings let the bow evolve along with the archer's development
  • - Infinite draw settings for new archers, training programs and bowfishing
  • - 3-pin apex sight and tube peep for accuracy
  • - Octane DeadLock lite quiver, Hostage XL arrow rest and BCY string loop

What's in the Box

  • - Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow
  • - 3-pin apex sight
  • - Tube peep sight
  • - Hostage XL arrow rest
  • - Octane DeadLock lite quiver
  • - BCY string loop
Manufacturer Warranty (general):
Draw Length (in.):
13 - 30
Brace Height (in.):
Axle-to-axle Length (in.):
Let-off (%):
Bow Weight (lb.):
Manufacturer Warranty - General:
Draw Weight (lb.):
5 - 70
Speed (fps):

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