Turkey Frying

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Butterball® Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt

  • Designed for outdoor use without propane or oil
  • Holds up to a 18lb. turkey


Char-Broil® The Big Easy™ Oil-less Propane Turkey Fryer

  • 100% infrared heat locks in flavor & keeps food moist
  • Holds up to a 16 lb. turkey


Butterball® Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt

  • Certified to operate indoors
  • Holds up to a 16 lb. turkey

Marinades & Injectors

Whether you’ve got a taste for Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning or looking for a down south flavor from Cajun Injector, find must-have turkey marinades and seasonings to make this year’s turkey one to remember.

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Pots & Kits

Cook up the best feast ever with all the equipment you need. From aluminum to stainless steel pot kits, find the best turkey fryer pot with all the accessories you need to steam and fry a variety of dishes.

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Before you get to cooking, make sure you’ve got all of your turkey frying essentials to get the best results. Find everything you need from digital thermometers to leather barbeque gloves and more for the big cookout.

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Having the right utensils in your grilling arsenal is more important than most would think. Get the best BBQ forks & knives, spatulas, tongs and more made to handle a day of grilling.

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How To Fry a Turkey


Get your marinades & spices ready

Preparing your ingredients prior to frying a turkey can save a lot of time. You'll need to make sure you've prepared the right marinades and spices for the turkey. Academy Sports + Outdoors carries a great selection of popular turkey frying prep items such as marinades, spices, frying oil, trays and dishes, and turkey frying equipment.


Prep your fryer

Deep-Fry your turkey outside. If using an electric fryer, you may be able to fry indoors. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you're far away from homes, garages, wooden decks, and anything else flammable in a dry and ventilated area.
It is important to set the gas burner on a level surface so that the fryer doesn't tip over. Keep the propane tank as far away from the fryer as possible, and also make sure it does not become a trip hazard.
To determine how much oil is needed for frying, place the thawed turkey in the fryer basket and place it on the fryer. Add water until the top of the turkey is barely covered. Remove the turkey, allowing the water to drain from the turkey back into the fryer. Measure and mark the line, and use that line as a guide when adding oil to the propane fryer. The level should be at least 5-inches below the rim.


Prep your bird

There are a variety of spices and marinades available for your turkey available online and in-store. Marinade your turkey prior to frying.
Dry the turkey thoroughly afterward with paper towels and prepare your turkey with the spices and marinades of your choice. Make sure your turkey is completely dry before frying to avoid fire hazards.


Fry it!

Cook the turkey 3-4 minutes per pound. Once the turkey begins to float to the top of the oil-fry for 15 additional minutes. Remove the turkey and place on a clean platter. Turn off the flame and let the oil completely cool making sure it's away from any potential trip hazards.