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  1. 4 months ago
    Update on Brazos Smoker
    I hope I did not discourage anyone from purchasing this smoker due to my review of the small issues I had. Please do not let it discourage you from buying, this is an amazing smoker. Buy it!! I'm not too sure on the last user's reviews on the Brazos smoker. My Brazos smoker has a heavy duty storage shelf on the bottom. I have mine loaded with Post Oak and there is no flexing or bending. Solid steel. I wanted to give an update. It has been 3 weeks since receiving the "beast". The smoker's welds ... read more were fixed by neighbor, and I called Old Country to get their advice on painting the scratches. Old Country customer service was very friendly, btw. They recommend using Rust-Oleum® Specialty High Heat Spray bbq black paint, and use several coats, around 3-5. Let dry between each. Good info. for all to know. After seasoning the smoker, it now has about 100 hours of cook time on it. It is very easy to regulate the fire once you "get to know" your smoker. It cooks extremely well! The smoker gets hot and it will just cook like a beast. All meat that has came out has been excellent and just cooked steady. Briskets cook great on this smoker. Trick is to always have a small fire burning in firebox. This will allow you to have a clean cook and great tasting meat. Also, you will need that small fire to constantly heat the steel. This is a heavy duty smoker that relies on that small fire to keep the temps constant and stable. The large baffle does a great job of deflecting the flame and provide constant heat and smoke to the food chamber. I have no issues, complaints, or negativity towards anything on the buying or shipping process. All was easy and Academy handled the whole process. Great smoker, great food, great times. Enjoy!
  2. 5 months ago
    Brazos Smoker Delivered
    This is a five star pit for the price, size, materials, and what you get compared to other smokers for same price. I will give the workmanship a 4. Also, it was hard to find pics online of it, so I posted a few here for all to see better. I have been wanting the Brazos for years now. After owning "bolt together" smokers for decades, the all welded 485lb beast better known as the Brazos is impressive. Gotta love 1/4" steel, pull out grates, large baffle, grate level smoke stack, fire box grill, ... read more flanged doors, cool touch handles, etc. Received Brazos Smoker from delivery. It took about 10-14 days from order to delivery. It is a great pit, but mine came with a few minor issues like broken welds on main cooking grate in one corner of frame, broken weld on bolt that holds latch on firebox door, and a few small to medium deep scratches down to steel on the firebox and cooking chambers. I assume all issues are due to shipping. The welds will be fixed by my neighbor who has welding machine and buying high temp for scratches. Overall great pit! Cannot recommend this pit enough to whomever is needing a great heavy duty smoker that'll last a century. Once the steel gets hot, it will stay hot for hours. Love this smoker, hands down the best smoker for the price.
  1. 1 year ago
    Great Unit, but beware.
    I have had this unit for 4 years and it held up ok. The unit was easy to use and great value, however 3 months in the built in thermo.. broke.. 1 year in the wood tray started to rust away... 2 years in the ignighter section fell apart.... 3 years in the knob broke for the temp and finally it decided to go up in a blaze of glory today when the regulator decided to fail open full. Never smoke with this unit unattended.
  2. 4 months ago
    Excellent smoker
    It does a lot better than I thought it would I'm truly and extremely satisfied
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Smoker
    I received this smoker for Christmas and I love it! Smoked ribs and chicken that were amazing better than restaurants I've been to. Take your time on fire management and this smoker will be your best cooking tool!
  2. 2 years ago
    The best offset smoker for the money!
    You're not going to find a better smoker made with this thick guage of steel for $500.  Like others have mentioned it is important to inspect the smoker because some have defects such as bent handles, gaps in lids, etc. For example the local Academy got two Wranglers in last weekend and of the two one had major gaps in the smoker box lid.  With the lid shut you could actually see under the lid on both sides.  That thing will never seal and will leak like a siv. The other one was quite the ... read more opposite and now sit on my back porch.   All in all these are hand made, solid welded heavy smokers!  Just make sure you season the smoker before you cook on it.
  1. 3 months ago
    Excellent gas smoker
    I bought this smoker as a gift for my husband for Christmas. He had a smoker a couple of years ago but got rid of it because he could never get it to maintain a proper temperature. This Masterbuilt smoker is perfect because it has two separate compartments - one for the food and another for the wood chips, which helps to maintain the cooking temperature because you don't have to let the heat out when adding more wood chips. My husband used it to smoke chicken quarters, venison, a beef roast and ... read more some baby back ribs. Everything turned out excellent - it was perfectly cooked, very tender and tasted wonderful. He used hickory wood chips with the first try. For the beef roast I think it would be better to use wood chips that have a stronger smoked flavor because while it was good, there wasn't muck smokiness to it. The smoker also comes with some good instructions on smoking temperatures and what types of chips to use with what foods. Very pleased!!
  2. 4 months ago
    easy to operate
    I bought this to do some holiday cooking. the meat turned out great. the smoker is very easy to manage & maintain throughout the cooking process. It arrived a few days earlier than expected which was great! I would recommend this product to anyone!
  1. 8 months ago
    Decent for price but requires modifications
    Assembly took about an hour. Only a few nuts and bolts loose in box, no extra parts. Some welded nuts had large air gaps around them. The latches on the smoker door can pop open unexpectedly. What's not included in box but should be: 12x10x6 charcoal/wood basket, hi-temp food grade rtv silicone sealer, nomex tape/sealer. Assembled (using hi-temp rtv food grade rtv silicone on all screw & nut holes, halves of firebox, firebox to smoker, top & bottom of smoker, exhaust stack) and cured per ... read more instructions being careful not to let fuel (coals/wood) touch sides of firebox. Fuel grate curved due to heat. Paint bubbled and peeled on firebox. Hard to hold temp or get to 400 degrees when the smoker leaks. Firebox, smoker, and water doors are not airtight. Tried adjusting smoker door but leaks not minimized. Will install nomex foam/tape on firebox, water and smoker doors to remedy. Had to sand, repaint and cure smoker again! Making a charcoal/wood box. Will smoke a brisket, pork and beef ribs this weekend after installing charcoal/wood basket, wireless meat & smoker thermometer, nomex tape/sealer. Overall a decent smoker for price but be prepared and suggest ordering rtv hi-temp food grade silicone sealer, nomex tape/gasket, and a charcoal/wood basket (12" L x 10" W x 6" H). This will be an additional $100-$150 depending on where you buy but will save you time and headaches.
  2. 10 months ago
    wow it so nice to buy from a company that listens
    i liked the features on this smoker and had been looking at buying one for months but some of the quality reviews scared me away . then i saw one from a month ago about the changes brinkman had made so i went and bought one . there is quite a few parts to assemble but the pics in the instructions made it quite easy . it was unbelievable how well everything lined up . nothing like things i usually get from china , the biggest complaint consumers had was the fit and leakage of smoke and heat ... read more everywhere on the smoker , so i was prepared by buying nomex gasket material and 3 tubes of rtv hi heat food safe silicone . wow i only used about 1/3 of one tube as i was assembling it . the doors fit perfect and the alignment was perfect . the addition of 2 clips to keep the main door closed was a bonus !! the amazing thing was i had no parts left over as i usually say oh i dont need this and throw it away . i seasoned it as per instructions , but i did have trouble getting it up to 400 - ill never cook on it that hi - but i was going by the built in thermometer which are usually way off . when i go to actually smoke in it i will check it with my electronic thermometer . i have many years experience of smoking and this will be perfect . btw the fit and seal was great , i could not find any - i mean zero - leakage when i was seasoning it . this thing fit together as well as the $1400 smoker i was also looking at !! all this for only $249 at academy
  1. 2 years ago
    super easy
    I have been using a conventional wood/charcoal smoker for years and did not believe a person could achieve the same results with an electric smoker. I was wrong, the electric is better, at least for someone who does not have the time to constantly monitor a conventional smoker for temperature control. The electric smoker is so easy, you set the temp you want and load the wood chips and walk away. When you load the wood chip trey, it seems to last about 45 minutes, I usually repeat this process ... read more about 4 to 5 times, that seems to add plenty of smoke taste to the meat. The best thing is the temp control, it seems to hold the desired temp +/- a degree or two. It has a water trey, I have always used it and have never had anything turn out dry. I bought this at academy, around Christmas last year. It gets used about every other week. Highly recommended
  2. 2 years ago
    Great smoker
    Great smoker for when you don't have time to commit to using the wood and or charcoal smoker. I use mine all the time and it cooks great and maintains the temperature. It holds a good amount of food also.
  1. 2 years ago
    Cooked brisket first time out
    I Cooked a 12pd brisket first time I used the grill.  Smoked it for seven hours, the temperature was easily maintained an everyone loved the smoked flavor.  The unit is a lot heavier than it looks, but I still wish the steel were thicker.  Also be careful with the fire box, there is no lip and the door does not seal so hot ash can fall out if your not paying attention. Btw, if you have a gas pressure gauge on your bottle the gas line is the perfect length.
  2. 2 weeks ago
    Best overall grill to own
    I have had this grill for over a year and have grilled and smoked at least 3 times a week and have no complaints if you take care of this grill and keep it cleaned it is worth the money about to get one for my father. Enjoy the smoke and grill on.
  1. 1 year ago
    Great Product
    Bought this for a super bowl party. I had 10 full racks of baby backs. It was a bad day to be smoking on a new smoker, rain, wind, high humidity. Was able to hold 225 with not a lot of work but I did go through 10lbs of briquettes, 10 pounds of lump, and prob 8 splits. The results were fantastic. Ribs were on for about 8 hours. Covered with foil after about 4 hours to reduce smoke. I dont think they could have possibly turned out tastier or more tender. Fall off the bone greatness. I highly ... read more recommend this smoker if you occasional need to cook large quantities. For the price, its well put together and heavy enough gauge to hold heat except perhaps in extreme cold conditions.
  2. 3 months ago
    The best over under smoker
    I bought this over under smoker about a year ago and absolutely think it's the best smoker I've ever used. The fire box and lower grill in the back holds the right temp every time. One of the issues I see people having issues with is not knowing how to use this particular model. But once you learn you will have good quality bbq competition that's melts in your mouth. I've been able to get 2 pork butts, 6 slabs if ribs and 1 brisket on this bad boy.
  1. 4 days ago
    Works great so far!
    I bought this in store after deciding I needed more time to do stuff on my weekends besides baby-sitting my wood box smoker all day. It's not that heavy (for me) so loaded it on my cart, bought it and took it home. Assembly was easy, mainly putting the base together and removing all the tie wraps. First item I cooked with it was a brisket, and setting the smoker was as simple as dialing in your temperature and cooking time! The internal meat probe and bluetooth connectivity means you won't ever ... read more overcook your food unless you're simply not paying attention. With this smoker, all I have to do is check on/refill the wood chips using the handy side tube and let my food cook. Right now I'm smoking some salmon and monitoring it with my phone! Excellent purchase. I'm knocking one star because one rack somehow got bent and one bracket was popped off the inside of the smoker. I guess shipping to the store was somewhat rough.
  2. 6 months ago
    Great product!!
    I bought this product a month ago, and it satisfies all my needs. Great for small get togethers when you do not want to watch the pit.
  1. 3 years ago
    Good for the money with exception
    This unit works fairly well as a smoker if you use it on propane. I smoked a Butt on it starting with charcoal and finally switched over to propane about 4 hours in. I could not keep the heat up because the ash buildup was too much, the ash pan is not near big enough for a long burn even using lump. Plus it will not hold the heat in due to no insulation and many air leaks. It was easy to hold the temp using propane. I do like the rest of the features like the pot accessory and being able to use ... read more it as a small charcoal grill. It was worth the 100 bucks for what it "can" do, if I had paid the original $200+ It would have been a very poor buy. If you want a charcoal smoker, pay a few more bucks for a better one. I have done some heavy mods to the unit and it is better but I have surpassed the monitary and sweat factor of a good deal. I'll just keep it as my portable gas smoker and its other uses but I'm off to buy an egg style smoker.
  2. 2 years ago
    LOVE IT!!! does an Awesome Job!!
    I bought this unit about a year & a half ago. I have not used the propane (I like the charcoal taste) and have smoked many many things from chicken, Beef & Pork. I love doing ribs & pork shoulders and Whole chickens. I did make a few mods to help me with charcoal cooking. I raised the water pan & first grate to the bottom of the mid section. This helps when adding charcoal & wood (have more room plus easier access. I smoke at least once a month and fill both grates. This unit work awesome as a ... read more grill & is great when camping or on a picnic. Allot of room and we cook roast below add the top rack and cook hotdogs & sausage ~ takes a little more time but works good. If your looking for a starter smoker/grill, amateur smoker or or want an all round do anything unit this will fit the bill. Worth the money,
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Electric Smokers

Electric meat smokers from Masterbuilt and Cajun Injector can be kept inside and provide precise tools to dial in and get that smoky taste just right. On-board control panels simplify the process of controlling the temperature and the level of smoke, and most electric smokers even have a window so you can keep an eye on the meat without having to open the smoker.

Outdoor Smokers

For a classic flavor, charcoal smokers, propane smokers and water smokers offer an analog alternative to electric smoking, using natural materials to produce a rich, smoky flavor. Kingsford� and Brinkmann models are easy to load are sure to help get the meat to the right level of smokiness and tenderization.

Smoker Grills

Smoker grill hybrids are great for outdoor cooks who like to multitask and who like preparing a variety of different foods. Keep an eye on grill heat with a built-in temperature gauge and cook each piece of food to perfection. Cooking grates in both the smoker and grill help simplify cleanup. When preparing for a big outdoor feast for friends and family, a smoker grill becomes an essential tool for success.