Rod & Reel Combos

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Rod and Reel Combos

Baitcast Combos

Baitcast is feared by most beginners because of its potential backlash. It is appealing but intimidating at the same time. To fix this backlash issue reel makers have updated the reels with anti-backlash controls. The baitcast combos are great for fishing many types of fish once the skill has been conquered.

Fly Combos

The fly rod is cast using a fly and specialized weighted line. It cast an extremely light lure which requires a casting technique different from any other forms of casting.

Spincast Combos

A spincast combo is preferred for inexperience anglers. It is mounted above the rod with the reel spool enclosed with a nose cover. Casting is a simple task that the angler holds down a button that disengages the line pick-up pin allowing for an easy cast.

Spinning Combos

Spinning reels have an anti-reverse feature preventing the crank handle form rotating while fighting a fish. When casting a spinning rod you will need to open the bail while grasping the line with your forefinger. You would then have to whip the rod back followed by a forward cast.

Kids’ Character Combos

Shop for kids fishing combos as well. Find different fishing combos decorated in your kids favorite fictional characters.