Fishing Reels

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Fishing Reels

Reel the fish in shopping at Academy Sports + Outdoors for the best fishing reels. Browse through our different types of fishing reels depending on the type of fishing you will be doing.

Baitcast Reels - Baitcast reels are the most difficult reals to cast and would stay away from it if you are a newbie. This type of fishing reel is for advance fisherman who are attempting to catch something big.

Fly Reels – Fly reel fishing is for the passive fisherman. You simply set up your reel and sit back and wait for a bite. It is important to initially purchase a reliable reel or you will lose fish after fish once due to fly reel failure.

Saltwater Conventional – Like the baitcast saltwater reels can handle big fish. This reel unique reel is also built to handle the corrosive nature in the oceans.

Spincast - This fishing reel is usually the most cost efficient reel you can purchase. The spincast reel is ideal for beginners because it is by far the easiest to use. Spincast reels can be used for fishing small to medium sized fish.

Spinning Reel – spinning reels are perfect for situation where you need a longer casting range. The reason for this is because the reel has a much smoother drag which allows for finesse fishing.

For a dependable and reliable fishing reel turn to trusted brands like Abu Garcia, Penn, Shimano & More.