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  1. 1 month ago
    We love everything about our grill!
    I bought this grill for my husband's birthday and we absolutely love it. It wasn't difficult to set up (just make sure you read all the steps and follow them carefully). It took us about an hour-hour and a half to set it up. Which surprised us. We expected much longer. It grills amazingly. Couldn't be happier. My husband also loves how easy it is to move around the backyard. Great product!
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  2. 4 years ago
    Initial Review
    1) Inspect Product 2) Read Instructions I purchased this grill to replace my Members Mark grill that was passed on to me from my late father. He had it about 2 years and I've had it going on 10 more. It still runs but it's time to slow it down and retire it. After inspecting this new grill, no dents. It was packaged well. It took me 3 hours to fully assemble. And all it took in tools was a screw driver (I recommend using a flat head) and a 7/16'' socket. Remember to have someone to help lift ... read more hot box onto the cart. I fired up the grill as recommended to burn off oils from factory. Within 5 minutes, the grill had reached 400 degrees. And within 20 minutes, the grill had reached a temerature of 700 degrees. So, as of now, I'm impressed. I plan on using it later today to see how it works. I know that the stainless steel is of a lower grade and I live in south Louisiana, so it'll be interesting to see how it holds up. I hope to have this one for 2-3 years with little expense in replacing parts. I'll try to remember to keep this updated. So, as of now, I recommend this grill, but the final verdict is yet to be detremined.
  1. 2 years ago
    Excellent for every thing.
    I make fried rice, fajitas, burgers, steaks, dogs, brats, grilled veggies you name it you can do it on this grill. Clean up is a cinch just use ice when you done cooking while the grill is still hot. My only complaint is the food catch is way to small for this size grill and overflows very easily and the actual channel overflows easy as well. These need to be deeper or wider to accomadate this size grill
  2. 2 months ago
    I love it but.....
    This griddle was my 2016 Fathersday gift from wife and kids. I've used it 6 times since but have never been able to get the left side burner lit. I've managed to get by.using only the remaining 3 burners but I wish someone could tell me how to get the far left burner on. Is there a manual somewhere? I'd return it to Academy but that would require travel.
  1. 3 years ago
    exalent steaks
    cooked t bone steaks right after i got it they were seared just right and cooked up juicy and tender,couple days later cooked op some ribs they were tender and juicy fall apart ribs, excellent. I am very happy with this grill
  2. 2 years ago
    Nice grill. Bad igniter
    Very happy with it. I bought it for my husband and assembled it myself. The only drawback is the ignighter broke after the first winter (we stored it in the garage not outside) and now it is very difficult to light it. Unlike most grills with an open cooking grate or hole in the side, this grill is hard to lift the grate to light it. I actually had a big flare up when I did get it lit because it took a few extra seconds and the gas doesn't have anywhere to go. cleaning it is fairly easy if you ... read more use the tool it came with. It gets messy when you have to lift the grates off to get excess scraps off the grill. Overall very happy.
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  1. 6 months ago
    Surprising results.
    I bought this grill 2 months ago and although I had reservations about an electric grill I have been pleasantly surprised. Although as some people say the temperature drops when you open the lid I have not any problems cooking on this grill, nice grill marks, the BBQ flavour equals that of a propane BBQ. One very important piece a of advice is to make sure you have an adequate extension cord if using one. I used the 16 gauge cord that I had, 2 things occurred. First the temperature wouldn't go ... read more above 400f, second the cord got dangerously hot! I then bought a 12 gauge with much better results, temperature now reaches 550f. I would highly recommend this grill for those that have gas or charcoal restrictions.
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  2. 2 years ago
    great little grill except
    I really like this grill except: The heat: (1.) If you Open the hood the temp drops considerably. (2.) We had a previous model from Char-Broil that had another shelf below the burner with Bricketts on it. That really helped with heat loss. I was wondering if there was a something like that I could get for this model. (3.) You really shouldn't use an extension cord with this grill because a longer cord will affect the amperage which affects the maximum temp. (4.) You should plug this or any ... read more electric grill into a circuit that doesn't have much else plugged into it or you will trip circuit breakers. I have a dedicated circuit that only goes to the area of the grill.
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  1. 1 week ago
    Life Time Grill
    I have had my Lodge Sportsman's Grill for going on 20 years. It stills performs as well today as the day I bought it. The cast iron grill gives the food great flavor and with the price of charcoal it will save you much money. I am tired of the kids fighting over mine so I will be buying a couple for Christmas presents this year
  2. 3 years ago
    I had a grill like this back in the 70's. Finally Lodge started offering this one and it is made in the good ole US of A. Quick grilling of steaks or anything else you can grill with a minimum amount of coals. Heavy cast iron and well made. Get one before the price of steel gets even higher. Academy had the best price. 
  1. 2 years ago
    Remarkable Results
    I have used my new Char-Broil Tru-Infrared grill and was highly impressed of the outstanding results of hamburgers, pork steaks and the most amazing cooking a pot roast that was as good as a high grade sirloin steak. It completely changed my family in believing that a pot roast can be as good as steak when cooked on a Char-Broil Tru-Infrared grill. My company that I served the pot roast (steak) to could not believe that it cooked in twenty minutes and was good an juicy as a good steak. I told ... read more them that I believe the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared grill is what made that cut of meat so outstanding.
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  2. 2 years ago
    Best Grill I've ever owned!
    I have owned many grills over the years from different manufactures and this grill is by far the best I've ever had. It is easy to use and clean and cooks perfectly every time, it has great looks as well. The steaks and burgers come out perfect. I love this grill, The only issue I have with it is that the extended family show up every weekend now wanting me to cook for them on it but, I guess that is a good thing too.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Good grill
    I've had this grill for half a year now.  It's good.  I don't know about 16 burgers at once though LOL, maybe my burgers are just big.  Either way, I use it for meals and gets the job done.  I have a propane - huge- event grill that I was using, but this is better for just the family.  About lighting the coal, I have no idea what the person in the other review is doing wrong.  There is a trick to opening the bottom, you have to kind of lift, then pull to open it.  I though it was stuck the first ... read more time, then I figured it out.  I've cooked steaks, burgers, roasted chile, etc... The little temperature gauge helps out too.
  2. 10 months ago
    best low cost pit I've owned
    I bought this a couple about a week ago to take a break from my wood smoker, and I read a ton of reviews before deciding on this unit. It is great. It's small, definitely won't fit ten burgers or however many they claim, but that's nothing to complain about in my opinion. The picture shows it to be a smaller pit, and it also tells you the size of cooking space. I use about 1/5 of the amount of charcoal I'm used to, and the fire stays hot and burns longer than most pits. I used the smallest bag ... read more of charcoal I could find for the first light to burn off the factory smells and season it. It stayed about 450 for a few hours. Now as far as controlling temp.... that's going to be accomplished by the size of your fire. best $60 I've spent so far on cooking.
  1. 1 year ago
    Great Grill for Camping
    It is portable and takes up a small amount of space, when folded. it cooks great.
  1. 2 years ago
    hard to lite
    I find this grill difficult to lite. also the locking spring for thefolding shelf is very fragile. the grill plates are solid and fit nicely. I have cooked burgers for 30 people with no problem.
  2. 1 year ago
    Love this portable grill...
    I bought this for my husband and he loves it. It is portable and not too heavy. It has wheels which makes for easy transport.
  1. 2 years ago
    Smoker BBQ
    I have had so much fun with this product. I have gotten pretty good at smoking a Brisket.
  2. 1 year ago
    Grillin' and Chillin'
    purchased this grill a few months ago and really am enjoying it. When time is a factor, fire up the gas. Time not a worry? Fire up the charcoal!
  1. 2 years ago
    Easy control!
    Greatest little smoker out there,Love the way it cooks and the way the food taste from this grill.
  2. 3 months ago
    Looking forward to Using
    I have not used the grill yet, but I look forward to it. I had a hard time getting the screws to screw in, even using the required tools. The girl is nice and sturdy.
  1. 5 months ago
    Love the grill but could use upgrades
    Owned now for four months. I grill almost everyday in the warmer months, so this grill has been put to the test. Cant beat for the price! I chosed this grill since it was american made. I smoke on it alot on the weekends using the snake method. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 overall Pros-American made, price, size-tall lid to fit chickens and pork butts(fits two) works amazing as a smoker, very light and easy to transport Cons- short, bottom charcoal plate needs replaced with grate and moved up ... read more closer to grill grate. charcoal chokes itself out badly And has trouble searing.
  2. 4 years ago
    The Best of the Best
    We own all three sizes of the Old Smokey grills. For the two of us, the small and medium size are perfect. But when we're cooking for a crowd, or just cooking a lot of meat for us, we use the jumbo size. Actually this is the THIRD jumbo size we've purchased. Our son "borrowed" the first one we bought and has refused to return it because he loves the way it cooks! We bought another one to replace the one our son took, and our daughter swiped it when we were on vacation; now she won't return it ... read more because she uses it several days a week. So, we bought a third one to have for ourselves (probably should chain it to something so no one else "borrows" it from us). We have had many types of grills, ranging from the ultra-cheap, small ones to a huge, built-in brick one at our home, but the Old Smokey grills outperform every other grill we've had.
  1. 2 years ago
    Cool price and quality product. Good for me on a budget
  1. 5 years ago
    Old Smokey Classic
    It doesn't last forever but it can really cook up a storm.. BEST VALUE AROUND!!!
  2. 2 years ago
    Just a simple grill, that's all and that's enough
    I have used these for 20 years. They are easy to setup and easy to use as a smoker or a grill. We have done BeerB chicken, dogs, brats, burgers and ribs. The extra long legs are optional and I bought them for the old unit and transferred them to my new one. These last about 7 years before rusting out.
  1. 1 year ago
    Nice Little Grill
    So far i have enjoyed this little grill. What I have learned, is if hooking up to a large propane tank it's essential to open that tank slowly. Otherwise the regulator that comes with the unit will not operate properly. Other than that, for a quick meal in the even for myself or a small group work well. relatively easy to disassemble for cleaning. Enjoying it so far.
  2. 1 year ago
    Great little tabletop grill
    This is my 2nd of these in 9 years. I bought the 2nd one because the first one was so good. They cook great and the redesign of my new ones burner uses less fuel and has better flame distribution. I could not be more satisfied.
  1. 1 year ago
    Excellent buy
    I have been wanting an argentine grill for the last year or so. They are not eady to come by unless you purchase a custom made grill. I was going to build my own. I came across this grill and decided to take a chance on it. I am more than happy with the grill. the grill was built for a certain cost point but that does not take away the quality. the grill is very well designed and I believe will last few good years. I would recommend this grill to anyone wanting to try an Argentine grill.
  2. 1 year ago
    Nice size for a large cook
    I bought this a month ago and I am very happy with it. With 2 guys - assembled in about 75 minutes. Very well constructed. Huge cooking surface will allow cooking for lots of friends. Seasoned the grates after burning off the residue from shipping. Now they are completely non-stick. Did a few wings to break it in... I love the idea of cooking over a real fire and this allows me to do that. Limited supply from what I understand. Watch the video...
  1. 2 years ago
    Beat taking food you have ever had!
    I bought one for myself last year and people can't believe how delicious the food is............Bought one for my daughter's boyfriend, one 2 weeks ago for one of my son's and will again coming up in July for my other son's b day!  They and their friends just love it!  We even bought the portable one (a smaller version) to take with us camping!  We haven't used our weber since!
  2. 3 years ago
    I've had this grill for two years and its great for direct and indirect cooking!
  1. 2 years ago
    Best Grill under $1000
    Bought this gill at the store and decided to have it delivered and assembled. If ordered online a $99 delivery fee. By buying at store and having it assembled and delivered for only $119. The best idea ever, they called 2 days prior to delivery and the contractors were polite and efficient, they left no mess and the grill was ready for use. I have had grills costing 3 times as much and gotten less than half the value and performance.
  2. 2 years ago
    My wife bought me this grill about three weeks ago, First night used griddle for shrimp and fajitas and was searing and cooking steaks at the same time, holds heat good, very well put together. Can't say about longevity yet but I am very happy withe grill.
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Get your father one of our top of the line grills so he can barbecue for the family. Browse through our enormous selection of various types of grills. We have grills that use all the modern fuel types for you to choose how you want your food cooked.

Charocal Grills

The charcoal grills are different from other grills because of their use of actually charcoals. With the help of lighter fluid and a match, the charcoal creates and maintains a fire that thoroughly cooks your food to your liking.

Gas + Propane Grills

Yes, propane and gas grills are different. Propane burns at a higher temperature than gas. Due to propane burning at a high temperature, gas grills need a larger hole in the tank to allow more gas to flow through, so that it can produce the same heat as propane.

Electric Grills

Simply plug your grill into a wall outlet and get to cooking. The way your food gets cooked is by heating up the plate on which the food lays by the use of electricity that runs from the wall outlet.