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Ever experienced a crazy thrill but you weren’t able to share it with friends because it was too strenuous to try to tape while holding a video camera? GoPro has created a new device that can capture any moment regardless how chaotic it may be. Free your hands with the new GoPro cameras. The camera allows you to mount a small device either on your body or the vehicle you are traveling in without restricting any motion. Play back is an ease on television and computers due to the USB port that is installed within all GoPro cameras. GoPro’s actual camera quality is unparalleled with the video resolution that is 1080x60, 960x60 and 720x120 delivering professional quality footage. Over the years the GoPro hero 2,GoPro hero 3, GoPro hero 4 have converted consumers to become the go to source for catching activities on camera.


Extend your hands free capabilities with the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote Control Kit. The remote control offers full camera control and is waterproof allowing you to extend videos to include aquatic adventures. The remote also comes with a convenient remote attachment strap.

What makes GoPro unique are the different GoPro mounts that grant limitless taping for the GoPro cameras. Some of the mounts include chest mounts, handlebar seatpost mounts, tripod mounts, adhesive mounts, head strap mounts, surfboard mount many more.

Don’t take the chance of missing out on epic footage because your GoPro battery has died. Always equip your bags with the GoPro Hero 3 Rechargeable Battery to extend your recording to ensure you catch every moment.

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